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Led by design, SANBEN Automatic Doors System is renowned for the innovative design and manufacturing  of automatic entance solutions, including Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Swing Doors and Automatic Revolving Doors systems. Our sophisticated technologies and attention to aesthetics have extended us to the forefront of the automatic entrance market.

Why Choose SANBEN Automatic Doors?

For over 20 years SANBEN automatic entrance systems have been making innovation a reality in countless projects around the world.

Automatic Doors Is What We Do

SANBEN Automatics specializes in kinds of automatic doors and entrances for more than 20 years. That’s why, when it comes to automatic door systems, we are a preferred auto-doors manufacturer for architects, designers contractors and owners.

Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Sliding Door Operator
  • Telescopic Door
  • Curve Sliding Door
  • Hermetic Sliding Door
  • Heavy Duty Sliding Door Operator
  • Linear Motor Drive Sliding Door
Automatic Swing Drive Unit
  • In-Ground Mounted Swing
  • Transom Mounted Swing
  • Hidden Mounted Swing
  • L-Arm Swing
  • Upper Hidden Mounted Swing
  • Pivot Swing
Automatic Revolving Door
  • All-Glass Revolving-Upper Drive
  • All-Glass Revolving-Bottom Drive
  • 2-Wing Revolving Door
  • 3-Wing Revolving Door
  • 4-Wing Revolving Door
  • Interlocked Revolving Door

Professionally In 3 Main Sectors Of Automatic Door Industry

With over 20 years of development, we are proud to be the leading supplier in the automatic door industry. We are professionals now in 3 main sectors: Automatic Sliding Doors, Automatic Swing Doors, and Automatic Revolving Doors.


Automatic Sliding Door Systems

SANBEN  automatic sliding doors are widely favored by public offices, high-end residential buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, and other buildings for their strong power and load-bearing structure, as well as their beauty, intelligence, energy-saving, environmental protection, stability, and convenience. Especially in the post-epidemic era, automatic doors “no contact” mode of operation, not only can quickly pass, but also can reduce the direct contact rate between people and doors, reducing the risk of cross-infection

Automatic Swing Doors Systems

As one of the most professional automatic sliding door manufacturers in China, SANBEN offers a wide range of automatic sliding door openers. Our sliding door openers not only maximize the width of passage, but also provide a strong opening torque when opening the door to resist high wind interference, and provide additional pre-pressure in the closed position to ensure that the door is not blown open by the wind, while the door opens automatically by the opening button or sensor when the pedestrian passes through, providing the most convenient passage experience.

Automatic Revolving Doors

After nearly two decades of dedicated research and development, SANBEN has gradually perfected the formation of a complete line of revolving doors: two-wing automatic revolving doors, three-/four-wing automatic revolving doors, crystal automatic revolving doors, circular arc automatic doors, etc.; more than a thousand global successful cases, SANBEN always provides more advanced solutions for door area access to global users from research and development, design, production, installation, and service continuously.

Automatic Door Drive Units/Operators

Automatic door drive units/operators are the key core of the automatic door systems, SANBEN started to produce the standard automatic sliding door opener since 20 years ago, now we are becomin an expert in doing the automatic sliding door openers, automatic heavy duty door openers, automatic swing door drive units/openers and levitating automatic sliding door operators etc. 
dunker motor drived auto door operator

Automatic Sliding Door Opener

 SANBEN automatic sliding door operator has a super powerful control system, top core hardware configuration, industrial grade integrated molding process: highly intelligent, modular computerized main control board, top high-precision maintenance-free digital motor, high-performance switching power supply, high-strength POM cast self-lubricating hanging wheel, dual microwave radar detector etc.

Super Heavy Duty Automatic sliding door 5000kgs SH-80

Heavy Duty Door Opener

SANBEN is one of the first manufacturers in China who started to design and develop and produce heavy-duty door operators. The load capacity of our heavy-duty door operator starts from 250kgs/panel to 10,000kgs/panel, covering almost all heavy-duty door load ranges. The door drive unit adopts a durable hanging twin wheel and planetary gear brushless DC motor, which can meet customers’ different needs.

Auto swing door drive unit

Auto- Swing Door Drive Unit

The application of swing door opener is very wide, most of the doors are 90 degree swing door, SANBEN use its own advantages in the field of intelligent automatic opening, giving the traditional swing door to automation, to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic floor spring and door closer, and constantly improve the quality and appearance of the product, to provide diversified choices for customers.

Automatic levitating sliding door

Levitating Linear Motor Drive Unit

The magnetic levitation linear motor automatic door operator is an intelligent product that brings automatic doors into your home. Using magnetic levitation technology and linear motors, it is one of the best choices for smart home solutions with its silent operation, easy and beautiful installation, and safe performance

Automatic Door Systems & Solutions

Automatic door systems/solutions are custom-made projects which based on the drive unit, it consists of door panels, decorative profiles, hardwares, access controls etc. SANBEN is designing, engineering, manufacturing & installing automatic hermertic doors, automatic curved sliding door and automatic revolving door systems for hundreds of customers at home and abroad.

curved sliding door

Curved Automatic Sliding Systems

Arc automatic door has a beautiful soft arc appearance with crystal clear glass door, making its appearance unique and luxurious. And according to the site conditions, it can be designed with different curvature styles, with unique control system characteristics and optimal transmission characteristics. It is most suitable for the entrance/exit system of hotels, airports, large shopping malls, hospitals, merchant clubs, hotels, office buildings, large buildings, etc.

Hermetic Auto-Sliding Systems

Hermetic Door System is a set of airtight, sound insulation, heat insulation, pressure resistance, dustproof, fireproof, and radiation protection.
It is generally used in hospitals, food factories, industrial plants, and other places with high requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation, and air tightness. The opening and closing of the airtight door is mechanized and automated, and the operation is safe and reliable. It also increases its airtightness and energy-saving properties due to its ability to close the door quickly and automatically and to adjust the opening width of the door.

Hotel crystal door

All-Glass Revolving Systems

All-Glass Revolving Doors are known as crystal doors,  are exquisite in appearance, chic and delicate, and more suitable for modern architectural design of simple fashion style.
(1) all the glass using high-tech processing, so that the door’s light transmission greatly improved.
2)No shaft design in the middle, point fixing,  the communication between people is closer to nature.
3) Transparent, rain-resistant, sand-resistant, and other special advantages, easy to clean, long service life,    high-cost performance.

auto revolving door

2/3/4 Wings Revolving Systems

Automatic revolving door, with its beautiful, luxurious and economical, and practical widely used in writing security buildings, hotels, shopping malls, airports, and other places, while taking into account the building import passability and environmental isolation of the two security opposite requirements, effectively played the role of wind, dust, sound insulation, and has the security, in the safety of anti-pinch, anti-touch, speed control, and other performance have superior performance, so as to improve the environment near the entrance.

We Make Your Automatic Entrance With Heart & Art

SANBEN Automatic Doors for Various Applications

We work with our clients to push the boundaries of automatic door applications. Below are projects that showcase just how limitless the possibilities are.

Iowa School of Music

Iowa School of Music

Iowa School of Music

Iowa School of Music

Iowa School of Music

Iowa School of Music

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